Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Join "Flakey" Jake for Shabbos Nachamu 2017 in the Hudson Valley Catskills!

Welcome to Shabbbos Nchamu 2017 at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa hosted by "Flakey" Jake -the man who knows over 10,000 people's birthdays!

Join over 1000 guests- including over 700 singles - ages 18 and up!

  • Glatt kosher catering by Reuven Oshervitz of "Besser Foods"
  • Hashgacha provided by Rabbi Moshe Teitlebaum of Marine Park.
  • Rabbi Chaim Szmidt - host of the internet radio show "The Kosher Scene" - Editor-in-Chief of The Kosher Scene blog
  • Famed Jewish Activist and best selling author Alan Skorski, who will speak about his latest book, "Israel Betrayed - How the Democrats, J Street, and the Jewish Left Have Undermined Israel and Why a President Hillary Clinton Would Have Been Disastrous for Israel
  • Gabrielle Strauss - biblical author and poet of
    • Noach: Stranded and Branded
    • Korach: The Pit and the Petulant
    • Balak: The Curse and the Courtship
  • Dr. Amy Neustein, author of 8 books, two of which have been sited in the New York Times and Newsweek.  Her books have been published by Ivy League Houses and have served as Lead Titles.
    • "From Madness to Mutiny: An Indictment of the American Family Court System"- made it into the Chronicles of Higher Education.
    • "Tempest in the Temple", published by Brandeis University Press, received a Pro Humanitate Literary Award for one of it's chapter contents
  • Dr. Ari Korenblit - handwriting analyst extraordinaire
  • Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz - President of Macabi Film Productions: garymoskowitzfilms.com and martialartstherapy.com 
  • Shadchan to the Stars- Baila Sebrow
  • Singles Coordinators Elana Kahn and Karen Lemeosky
  • Kumzits 'till the wee hours with Chazan Motty Edelkopf
  • Entertainment provided by Gershy Meskowitz
    • Spectacular Saturday night show
    • Karaoke, caricaturist, paintball
    • Israeli / Simcha Folk Dancing
    • Friday nite oneg / icebreaker
    • Speed dating in different age catagories (from 18 and up!)
    • Sat. nite midnight buffet
    • Round robin seating
    • Farewell Bar-B-Cue
    • Etc, Etc 
  • $50 round trip buses from Brooklyn - Midtown - The Upper West Side!
  • Special Guest Speaker: The Master of Motivation- Mr. Izzy Root!
Nestled in the heart of the Shawangunk Mountains and surrounded by gorgeous Catskill views, the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa offers well appointed guestrooms and a full service European health spa.

On-site amenities include heated indoor & outdoor pools, a modern spa and fitness center with Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, an arcade center and game room, tennis and basketball courts, free wireless internet access, and so much more!

Call "Flakey" Jake at 718-436-0682 to learn more about this exciting event and to make your reservation, or visit www.hudsonvalleyresort.com to explore the resort!