Monday, July 25, 2016

Shabbos Nachamu Weekend Sellout!

Welcome to Shabbos Nachamu 2016 at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa, hosted by "Flakey" Jake, the man who knows over 10,000 people's birthdays!

Join 1000 guests - over 700 singles!!

  • Glatt Kosher Catering by Reuven Osherovitz of "Besser" Foods under strict Rabbinical Supervision provided by Rabbi Aaron Grunder of the Chofetz Chesed Org. - Rochester, N.Y.
  • Rabbi Yuval Nof, World Famous Dayan
  • Rabbi Chaim Szmidt, host of the internet radio show "The Kosher Scene" - Editor-in-Chief of "The Kosher Scene" blog
  • Former IDF member Mattathias Pinchover will offer a unique perspective on the state of world Jewry today
  • Gabrielle Strauss - Bibilical Author and Poet of: 
    • "Noach: Stranded and Branded"
    • "Korach: The Pit and the Petulant
    • "Balak: The Curse and the Courtship"
  • Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz - Pres. Macabi Film Productions - -
  • Dr. Ari Korenblit - Handwriting Analyst Extraordinaire
  • Faigee Sash - Israeli / Simcha Folk Dancing instructor
  • Kumzits till the wee hours with Chazan Motty Edelkopf
  • Singles Coordinators Elana Kahn and Karen Lenefsky
  • Renowned Shadchan - Baila Sebrow
  • Entertainment provided by Gershy Moskowitz
  • Spectacular Saturday Nite Show
  • Karaoke - Caricaturist - Paintball
  • Speed dating in different age catagories, from 18 and up
  • Friday night Ice Breaker
  • Saturday mid-night buffet
  • Round Robin seating 
  • Farewell Bar-B-Cue
  • Etc!, Etc!
$50 round trip buses from Flatbush-Midtown and Upper West Side